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Spirit Source: My Source for Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Healing


Universal Spirituality

All are invited and welcomed to share in this information. We are dedicated to providing you with wisdom-based, love-based spiritual guidance and spiritual healing teachings which can support you on your journey of spiritual growth.

We trust that when you approach this information with an open heart and open mind, you too, will find at some level, value in these spiritual teachings.

The spiritual teachings you will find here flow forth from the belief and perspective that each one of us are, at our core...spiritual beings, presently having a human experience.

Each one of us is on a unique path towards our realization of a higher power, here and now. We call this higher power God. You may use the name or term which has the most meaning to you.

All paths lead to One God.

All paths invite us to bring our true spiritual natures to the forefront of our daily thought, in word and in deed.

Each person, regardless of race, religion, color, gender or beliefs, has, at the core of our being, an indwelling soul.

When we quiet the racing, reactive mind, we can experience more internal peace and become aware of the indwelling divinity housed within the soul.

If you allow it, the soul will act as a compass of sorts, leading you to the truths you seek to understand - on your journey of spiritual growth - at each stage in your life.

Additional, you may choose to explore other divinely-inspired spiritual teachings through the following ways:


  • Free informational papers (offered in the top right-hand margin)

  • The Inner Light Group Membership Program. On-going training from an enlightened spiritual teacher, at a schedule and pace that's convenient for you.

  • Share in various topics of interest on spiritual guidance and insights for today written in Michael's Monthly Message.

  • Visit our Resources page for additional information on: spiritual growth, spiritual healing services, and spiritual guidance for parents and their children, as well as other valuable information


Life's Battles and Victories are Fought Within

The battle between the Lower self and the Higher Self has been in the consciousness of people for some time.

How many scriptures, books, stories and movies have been written based on the basic storyline of Good vs. Evil?

We can see this battle of Light vs. Darkness in our world today.

The term "Battle" might seem too grand at times, when internal conflict may seem to fit the situation more appropriately.

Either way, these battles must be experienced. They are on the path to why we are here. We need not try to run from nor avoid these battles.

They are a part of our spiritual growth. Even though some of the battles we face in life can be quite painful, as in the case of an illness, accident, death, divorce, or an abusive situation, to name a few.

Through the spiritual teachings shared with you from Spirit Source, we have helped many people begin to understand why they experience certain events in their lives; while at the same time, find comfort and peace held within the spiritual healing they receive.

We can choose to embrace the opportunities which the battles themselves and their experiences provide to us. This is not always easy, but you can do it!

The battles allow us the opportunity to experience the Higher Divine Attributes and become, day-to-day, ever clearer reflections of who we really are - sons and daughters of God.

We invite you to explore the teachings provided by Spirit source for spiritual guidance and healing.


Many Blessings to you!



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LIFE AFTER DEATH: Timeless Teachings

Children Experiencing Paranormal or Psychic Activity

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"At-one-ment with God is
not an act or process for
only a select few to
experience while
incarnating in a physical
body, but a birthright for
all of humanity."

- The Seven Victories of the Divine Child

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