Children Exhibiting Psychic Abilities

The information provided in this section is offered with the intention to be used as a guide for parents. 

While this information is not meant to be all-inclusive, we hope it will help answer some of your questions about a child in your life who appears to be exhibiting psychic abilities.

We are all born with psychic abilities; however, the degree to which they are at the surface and expressed can vary widely from person-to-person.

As children, we have not been taught that it is wrong or different to use our psychic senses in addition to our traditional five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, so for many, it comes quiet natural.  

The expression of these psychic senses can take various forms in children depending on their age and each child’s unique abilities and sensitivities. If a child is open and sensitive, this is truly a spiritual gift. 

Try your best to understand these gifts so that you may support the child.


Psychic Abilities and Sensitivity

Some children may be particularly sensitive to the energy patterns of other people.  Children with this type of ability may say that they see or even “feel” certain colors around other people. This is simply the child seeing or sensing someone’s aura or personal energy field.

Other children may pick up on other people’s emotions or physical pain in an empathic manner.  

It can be very challenging to have a child who is this sensitive to the energies of others around them. The child may have a difficult time discerning another person’s energy from their own energy and feelings. 

Teaching the child simple methods of self protection can be quite helpful in this case. 

An example of this could be: mentally surrounding themselves in the white light of the Christ and stating the intention that only good can come to them and from them.



Another form of psychic abilities that can manifest is what is called precognition.  

Children may have knowledge of events that have not yet happened.  Some of these events may be mundane, everyday events, such as who is going to come to the door or call on the telephone.  

Other events may be more significant...

If one of these precognitive visions signifies an accident or other unpleasant event, it can be frightening to both the child and their parents.  Because children do not have the depth of understanding that we have as adults, they may believe that they have been the cause of these unpleasant events, rather than just seeing the event before it occurs.  

In these cases, it is important to offer the child reassurance that they were not the cause of the event.

Precognitive events may come to children either in their dreams at night, or during so called “day dreams”. Day dreams are a result of slipping into a slightly altered state of consciousness.  

Another possibility is that the child may be in touch with their spirit guide who may be giving them this type of information for a specific reason.


Spirit Guides

Many times a child may see and hear a spirit guide who is misinterpreted by their parents as an imaginary friend.  

The relationship with the spirit guide and the child will usually be different than what is typically seen with an imaginary friend or playmate.

You should not be surprised if the spirit guide presents themselves as a child. This is quite common. The spirit guide will often present themselves as a child or young person so that they do not scare the child. 

A spirit guide will never tell your child to do anything that is harmful to themselves or to other people.

The spirit guide is primarily interested in the child’s spiritual development.


In Conclusion

Try to encourage an environment that allows the child to feel safe talking to you about what they are experiencing. 

If a child feels "different" because they observe no one else around them experiencing the same things they are, they may close down and close out their spiritual gifts…and draw the conclusion that there is something wrong with them.

At Spirit Source, we strive to be a resource for parents. 

Although this section on Children Exhibiting Psychic Abilities is not intended to be all-inclusive, we certainly hope you are able find some value in the materials. 

If there is something specific you were looking for, but did not find here, you are always welcome to Contact Us with your specific questions by completing the requested information on the General Inquiry form. 

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Many Blessings to you!



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