Children Experiencing Paranormal Activity

The information provided in this section is offered with the intention to be used as a guide for parents. 

While this information is not meant to be all-inclusive, we hope it will help answer some of your questions about a child in your life who appears to be experiencing paranormal activities.


Paranormal Experiences of Children

You would be amazed to hear of how many people come to us as adults and describe paranormal experiences they had as children, but never talked about.

The reasons they never talked about their experiences range far and wide; nevertheless, if they did not talk about them, they also did not know how to process or understand them, let alone know what do to about them.

Depending on your beliefs and perceptions, as the parent, you may have picked up on these experiences or shrugged them off as the child's imagination.

Most of these experiences were or are very pleasant, beautiful in fact; but some were or are scary and can cause much distress in the life of the child as well as their parents.

Some of the people we work with describe trying to talk to their parents to explain what they were experiencing, but their parents did not understand or know how to help them. They had no frame of reference or resources to turn to for help and guidance.

But there are resources available to you now.


What is Paranormal Activity?

The term “paranormal” has recently come to mean those activities associated with psychic or mediumistic (spirit) activity.  

If you are the parent of a child who is able to see, feel, or hear spirit activity, it can often be very distressing, especially if you are not able to sense this yourself.  

But believe it or not, we all have this ability to communicate with those in the world of spirit, just to a greater or lesser degree.  

However, many of us have chosen, for various reasons, to bury this ability, perhaps because we do not trust or believe it; or, because we do not have the time to truly learn how to develop and control it.  

So, in a way, it can be said that a child who is communicating with spirit is really only doing what is natural for all of us.


Who & Why Would They Be Communicating With My Child?

One of the most common examples of paranormal activity is when a child is able to see, hear or otherwise communicate with someone who has passed out of the physical body or “died.”  

Commonly, this is a relative or someone the child is familiar with.  For example: the child may tell you that they saw or spoke with Grandpa after he was “dead.” Understandably, this can be upsetting to the family.  

Let me assure you that this is most likely not the child’s imagination; our personalities and identities do continue after the change called death. The child may well have seen and heard Grandpa, who was trying to communicate this message through the most open and receptive family member - the child.

At other times, children who are particularly open and receptive to spirit communication (the spirits vibrations) may also see and hear from others who have passed out of the physical world.  

It can be frightening to see or hear from people who may be strangers to them.  Often times these other spirits will come close, after the child has made an initial contact with someone they know.  

You may find it helpful to think of it like this: once your child is able to successfully communicate with one person in the spirit world, it is as if they have turned on their porch light announcing that they are home and welcoming visitors!  

These other visitors frequently come when the child is asleep or just drifting off - the time when their mind is most relaxed and open.  

This can often cause some confusion and may frighten the child, but this is when the child is most receptive.

However, it is important to remember that no matter what the age of the child, if these spirits are bothersome to them or frightening, the child can be taught to tell them firmly to “Go Away!”  

You, as a parent, also have this right if you feel anything negative is happening with this spirit contact, or if it is interrupting your child’s sleep.


How Does This Communication Take Place?

Paranormal activity can take several different forms.  The most common form is through what is known as mental mediumship.  Mental mediumship is simply mind-to-mind communication with those in the spirit world - those we sometimes call “the dead.”  

This communication takes place through a number of different forms of mental mediumship, often referred to as “the clairs.”

  • Clairvoyance means clear seeing and is a supernatural power of seeing objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing.  
  • Clairaudience means clear hearing and is the power to hear sound said to exit outside of ordinary experience or the capacity to hear voices of the so-called “dead.”
  • Clairsentience means clear sensing and is the ability to sense impressions or feelings from those in the spirit world.
  • Clairfragrance means clear smelling and is the ability to smell fragrances associated with those who are trying to communicate with us.
  • Clairgustance means clear tasting and is the ability to taste things associated with those who are trying to communicate with us.


How Can I Help or Reassure My Child?

It is important to keep up an open and honest dialogue with your child about what is happening to her.  

Let them talk about the messages the spirit people bring to them.  

It is important that they have a safe place where they can talk about what is happening and the best place for this is at home.  

This is not only important in helping you to monitor the situation, but you may be amazed by the words of wisdom and comfort you may receive.  

It is also helpful to explain to your child when and where it may not be as accepted to talk about their experiences because they may be teased or ridiculed.  

It is important to stress to the child, that just because they are having experiences that are different, that does not make them weird or crazy.  It is just that -different- the same way some people have curly hair or green eyes.


In Conclusion

While this article cannot begin to explain all types of paranormal activity, we hope that it has touched on the most common. At Spirit Source, we strive to be a resource for parents. 

If there is something specific you were looking for, but did not find here, you are always welcome to Contact Us with your specific questions by completing the requested information on the General Inquiry form.

As an additional resource, you may also Schedule a One-on-One Session for personalized and specific guidance.

Many Blessings to you!



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Children Experiencing Paranormal or Psychic Activity

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