Guidance for Parents and Children

As a parent, you may be exploring or seeking your own spiritual path, understanding your own spirituality and your own truths.

Whether you are well grounded in your own spiritual beliefs or you are in the process of trying to understand what you believe, we know that it's important to parents to teach foundational spiritual principals to your children.

As a parent, it is highly likely that you've had many thoughts and questions about raising your child(ren) with a healthy spiritual foundation.

When children, teenagers, or young adults have acquired a foundation built on basic spiritual principals and spiritual laws, they possess some timeless tools which will allow them to successfully navigate through many issues and challenges they may face in life. Remember, your child too is a spiritual being, having a human experience.


Diverse Spiritual Guidance and Support

We acknowledge the fact that the type of resources you may benefit from can vary widely from person-to-person. Because of the diverse levels of spiritual guidance requested from us, we have grouped various topics and needs into the following categories: (click on a category to view additional information)



Although this section on Spiritual Guidance for Parents and Children is not intended to be all-inclusive, we certainly hope you are able find some value in the materials.

If there is something specific you were looking for, but did not find here, you are always welcome to Contact Us with your specific question. 

Additional resources for Parents & Children click here.

Many Blessings to you!



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Children Experiencing Paranormal or Psychic Activity

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"At-one-ment with God is
not an act or process for
only a select few to
experience while
incarnating in a physical
body, but a birthright for
all of humanity."

- The Seven Victories of the Divine Child

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