One-on-One Spiritual Guidance

We realize that there are times when you may desire to have one-on-one spiritual guidance and spiritual counseling, individualized time to go in depth into your own specific areas of interest, challenge or concern.

In response to requests from our readers, we offer private individual spiritual guidance sessions which are geared to your personal spiritual growth.  (You must be 18 years or older to make an appointment).

Here are just a few of the topics or reasons people schedule private spiritual guidance appointments (you are not limited to these examples):

  • Spiritual Guidance and Life Coaching,

  • Finding your Spiritual Path,

  • Death of a Loved One (Life after Death),

  • Issues Surrounding Forgiveness or other Personal Healing,

  • Guidance for Parents (for yourself or your children),

  • Self Mastery topics,

  • Insight into Spirit Guides and Guidance.


Our One-on-One sessions are:

  • Not about Predictng your Future (these are not fortune-telling sessions),
  • Not delivered in such a way to convince you of any particular religious belief. 


Schedule a One-on-One Session Now


Option A

Sessions:  3

Fee:  $450 with Michael Jones


Option B

Sessions: 1 

Fee:  $150 with Michael Jones;  $80 with Kathy Bell


Schedule a One-on-One Session Now


Thank you and Many Blessings to you!



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We do not sell your information to anyone. Any information collected here is used exclusively by Spirit Source to deliver information to you.

"At-one-ment with God is
not an act or process for
only a select few to
experience while
incarnating in a physical
body, but a birthright for
all of humanity."

- The Seven Victories of the Divine Child

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