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Spirit Source

Spirit Source is an organization dedicated to providing the following quality services to individuals and groups:

  • Printed Spiritual Materials and Publications
  • Live Workshops and Classes offered through The Inner Light Group Memebership Program
  • Spiritual Healing Services (in person and via healing prayer requests)
  • Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching (in person and via telephone)
  • Spiritual Guidance for Parents and their Children (in person and via telephone)

We stand firmly in the belief that Life continues on after the change called death. We believe that death is but a doorway transitioning between various states of existence and levels of consciousness.

Universal Spirituality: We honor people from all faiths and all world religions. We acknowledge the beauty in the Sacred Scriptures of the world and see the common threads of truth which run through them.

We believe all people are sons and daughters of One God. The names we attribute to God may differ from tradition to tradition, but the underlying Divine Parent is the same.


Our Mission

  • To provide spiritual guidance to those on the path of Self discovery.

  • To be clear instruments of God's healing power and grace.

  • To assist our spiritual brothers and sisters on their journey towards Oneness with God.


Founding Member

Rev. Michael Jones is an ordained Spiritualist minister, a certified Medium and certified Spiritual Healer. Trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki, he is a Master Practitioner. Michael has been involved in self-development, leadership and coaching for over 25 years.

Michael is a well respected and accomplished healer and teacher. His teaching and communication style is known for shedding light on the mystical and profound in a focused and clear manner. He is the author of "The Seven Victories of the Divine Child: Claiming Your Divine Inheritance"  (ISBN: 978-0983778011).

Over the years, Michael's spiritually-inspired writings and teachings have been well received by those who have had the opportunity to read or hear his message. He truly is a modern-day messenger.

Email Address: michael.jones@myspiritsource.net

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Contributing Member

Kathy Bell is a certified Medium and Spiritual Healer. She is also a Reiki Master trained by Diane Stein, a Master Teacher for Essential Energy Balancing, and has studied many other methodologies of healing. She has been a seeker of spiritual truths for more than 30 years.

Email Address: kathy.bell@myspiritsource.net

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Children Experiencing Paranormal or Psychic Activity

We do not sell your information to anyone. Any information collected here is used exclusively by Spirit Source to deliver information to you.

"At-one-ment with God is
not an act or process for
only a select few to
experience while
incarnating in a physical
body, but a birthright for
all of humanity."

- The Seven Victories of the Divine Child

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