Today there are times when many of us feel that we are wounded in body, mind or spirit. We want to be healed; to be returned to our center of wholeness.

You may be wondering if and how you can benefit from the science and art of spiritual healing.

There are as many different forms of healing as there are cultures of people, but for this discussion, we will focus on those types of healing that we consider to be holistic spiritual healing.

By holistic, we mean healing that addresses not only our physical body, but our mind, our emotions and our soul. While this list is not meant to be all-inclusive, here are several different forms of healing.


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Spiritual energy healing uses the energy of the Universal Source (God, Allah, Krishna, the I Am) to achieve a holistic spiritual healing effect.

A spiritual healer learns how to "step aside" and become a hollow vessel, open to channeling and focusing this Divine energy for healing. Since the spiritual healer is not using their own energy for healing, but receiving and becoming a conduit for Divine energy, there will be no loss of their own vital energy after a healing session.

In fact, in contrast to magnetic healing (see below), most spiritual healers report feeling refreshed after having come in contact with this Source of love and healing.

In the art of spiritual healing, faith and intention are the main ingredients.

This is true whether you are the recipient of the healing or the one through which the healing energies flow.

Some of you reading this may be feeling a call to explore the art of spiritual healing; while others may be seeking spiritual energy healing for yourself or someone you know who is in need.

Spiritual energy healing can be done either by the laying on of hands or through distance or absent healing.


Distance and Absent Healing

The types of spiritual healing that are done by the concentrating and focusing of energy from the Source are not limited by time or space. Therefore, they can be effectively used by healers on those not in their physical presence.

This is referred to as distance or absent healing. Both Reiki and Spiritual Healing use distance and absent healing techniques.

Reiki uses specific symbols to carry the healing energy at a distance, while the main mode for Spiritual Energy Healing is prayer and intention. Prayer in the hands of a trained Spiritual Healer or group of healers can be an incredibly powerful tool.

At Spirit Source, we offer several options to you for free spiritual healing services.

Examples of our free spiritual healing services include topical informational papers (found in the right-hand margin) and the ability to Submit a Healing Prayer Request.


Hands on Healing

One type of healing that many of you may be familiar with is the laying on of hands.

This can be as simple as touching yourself or a loved one over a bump, cut or bruise in order to ease the pain. This is an instinctual reaction.

Or, it can be as focused as a Reiki practitioner laying their hands in very specific positions while focusing on symbols that carry energy.

Similarly, a spiritual practitioner (minister or healer) may lay hands on you in prayer for your healing. The key parallels in all hands on healing are just that - they usually involve physical touch between the practitioner and the client.


Magnetic Healing

Magnetic healing uses the vital force of your own energy field to manifest healing. Many times people who are called to the role of healer find that they using this type of energy and do not know it.

Have you ever had an experience like this: You are with a friend or loved one who is ill or injured and they start feeling remarkable better as you care for them, while you leave feeling drained, fatigued or ill afterward?

This is because you were using your own energy to "boost" the weakened energy of the other. This can even happen without the knowledge and permission in an untrained healer.


In Conclusion

While spiritual energy healing is truly a gift from Spirit; the art of spiritual healing can be learned by all those who have a sincere desire to serve others.

Would you like to learn more about healing? Click here for Healing Resources.

When thinking about healing, especially from a holistic spiritual healing viewpoint, sometimes we must think in terms of a larger perspective. We will always ask for the healing to take place according to the highest and best good of the individual.

We trust that the Source of healing power knows much better what constitutes a healing for the individual than we do. Therefore, when a healer channels energy for healing, we state, "Not my will, but thy will be done."

Although we firmly believe in the holistic spiritual healing methods described, none of this should suggest that we do not believe in traditional medical treatment, or that you should not seek treatment from medical or mental health professionals. It is not an either or proposition. It is very common for people to combine both traditional and holistic methods of healing. Please use your own good judgment.

Whether you choose to benefit from any of the free spiritual healing services offered through Spirit Source, or directly through any of the spiritual teachings found here, we hope you find the support and guidance you are seeking!

Many Blessings to you! 



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